Support Sacred Heart Church with Amazon Smile

Do you shop on Amazon? If yes, it is easy to support Sacred Heart with each purchase. A few minutes to set up is all it takes. If you type in the word 'smile.' before, you will be brought to the fundraising side of Amazon Smile. ( The site looks the same as except it will have the word 'Smile' on the Amazon Logo. The first time you go to the 'Smile' side, you will be asked to choose the organization that you want to support. Search for 'Sacred Heart Church'. Make sure that the Sacred Heart you are choosing is in Colwich, KS. Select Sacred Heart Church, then simply use Amazon like you always have. Everything is exactly the same. (Change your bookmark so that you go to the Smile site. We only get credit if you order from the Smile side. It must say '' every time.) Do you have family and friends that wouldn't mind taking a minute and choosing Sacred Heart Church? The cost to the purchaser is nothing but benefits Sacred Heart with a 0.5% donation to Sacred Heart from every order. Click on the link below to go to This is a very easy way to help support Sacred Heart.